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Good Mood Good Colours
- Uplifting mood, upgrading your everyday looks

A colour in fashion and style can reflect your characters
and evoke a completely different feeling
Yellow = Optimistic, Links to Happiness and cheerfulness.

Set: Yellow Tropical Print Shirt + Short Pant
From The Landmark

Mustard Color Pleat Dress
From Forte Shop

Green = Peaceful /Green is a very down-to-earth colour.
Orange = Friendly, strongly links to vitality.

Pastel green shirt / Peace shirt
From Style Weekend

Green with text screen T-shirt
From Romanticue

Set: Green Tropical Print Shirt + Short Pant
From The Landmark

Purple = Creative and endless imagination.
Blue= Trust / a sense of energising and refreshing.

Pastel Purple and light blue
From Style Weekend

Enjoy Upgrading your basic everyday Look !!!
Match new colour to make your look more outstanding