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Platinum invests over THB 40 million to launch an all-new food destination

“Platinum Food Floor MORE a MEAL,” featuring an increased total floorspace of 5,700 sq.m. and a complete range of well-known eateries, with Phase 1 now open

The Platinum Group Public Company Limited has initiated a complete overhaul of Platinum with an investment of over THB 40 million to launch a brand-new food destination “Platinum Food Floor MORE a MEAL,” with the goal of enhancing its capabilities and elevating its services. With an increased total floorspace of over 5,700 sq.m., the modern loft-style food space can accommodate over 100 restaurants and 1,500 customers and has an occupancy rate of over 98% at present. It is expected to draw in 15% more customers, and Phase 1 is now open for service.


Ms. Suthita Chotjurangkool, Executive Vice President – Marketing, the Platinum Group Public Company Limited (PLAT), stated, “Platinum has recently launched a major renovation to reflect the concept ‘Bringing Fresh Fashion to You.’ To further complete the shopping experience for customers, one of the missions carried out in tandem with the revamp is the complete overhaul of the Food Center on the 6th Floor, which was originally 2,400 sq.m. in size. With an investment of over THB 40 million, the Food Center has been expanded to cover the enter 5,700 sq.m. of the 6th Floor, transformed into a food and beverage zone complete with a full range of restaurants that deliver amazing flavors, and refurbished with a new aesthetic and comfortable seating with the goal of establishing it as a new food destination under the name ‘Platinum Food Floor MORE a MEAL.’ The modern loft-style space can accommodate up to 100 restaurants and has over 1,500 seats for visitors. It is expected that the revamped food destination will be able to attract 15% more customers.”


Specifically addressing fashion shoppers, Ms. Suthita said, “In the past, people would generally think of Platinum as a paradise for shopping latest fashion at wholesale prices. However, I believe many people do not know that Platinum is also an epicenter of great restaurants. This overhaul is thus intended to highlight Platinum’s dining offering and heighten public awareness of all of Platinum’s diverse services that cater to all lifestyles. As for the progress of the selection of restaurants as well as popular eateries from various neighborhoods to join the Food Destination – “Platinum Food Floor MORE a MEAL,” the food destination now has over 98% occupancy rate. It will gradually open for service in sections and will finally start full operation in early 2023.

Making a debut in Phase 1 is Kanom-Nom-Cha by Lhong Tou, a contemporary Asian dessert café by Lhong Tou that will serve up popular and well-loved desserts with a unique twist as well as toast overloaded with colorful toppings served with fresh milk in chic Instagram-worthy packaging that you’d definitely like to take photos with.


This zone will also feature a selection of other popular restaurants and eateries, including:

– KIN Shabu & Donburi ready to serve with fresh quality ingredients by Japanese Chef as if eating in Japan. KIN selected each for you.

– Café Baan Mhee: A chic café where you can enjoy great food, snacks, and beverages and make the most of

   their cool photo corners

– Sukiya: A Japanese beef bowl restaurant that serves up a variety of dishes, including beef bowls, roasted pork

   rice, chicken rice, and Japanese curry rice.

– Pranakhon Boat Noodles: A legendary boat noodle restaurant

– Have A Pan: Homemade Japanese-fusion gyoza made with finest ingredients and stuffed full with pork fillings,

  served with their own special sauces.

– Kaiwan Ban Sushi: Serving up different types of Japanese rolled omelets and a wide variety of sushi items

Mango Mania: A perfect combination of beverages and desserts made with Thai Nam Dok Mai mangoes

– Peko Creperie & Tea: Crepes and desserts, with extra delicate textures thanks to their secret crepe batter


– Funky Fries: Crispy on the outside, crunchy on the inside, their French fries are known to stay crispy for a long

  time and come in various flavors, including barbecue and chili barbecue

– Raya Thai Dessert: Serving over 100 Thai desserts and snacks, including Look Choob, Thong Yib, Thong Yod,

  Thong Muan.

– Fuku Matcha: Beverages, desserts, soft-serve ice cream, and fluffy flavorful Japanese shaved ice

– Maru Waffle: Delicious crispy Hong Kong-style waffles

– Blue Elephant: Instant curry paste made with premium-quality herbs and spices

– Goo Roti & Tea: Enjoy their unique roti recipe alongside the rich and sweet beverages.

ChaTraMue: A globally-recognized Thai tea shop that has long been an established household brand for Thai


– Yum Saap: Get your fill of flavorful northeastern Thai food

– Choke Dee Mee Chai: A hub of foodstuffs, processed products, and popular Thai souvenirs

– Chainarong: A producer and manufacturer of processed pork products, such as pork floss, crispy pork sheets,

  and Chinese pork sausages.

– Crispy Seafood: Processed seafood products, such as crispy salted fish and three-flavored razor clams, which

  are perfect as both snacks and gifts

– Fruit Paradise: Processed fruits, nuts, and crispy snacks

– Dunkin’ Donuts: Beloved snacks with a variety of toppings

– Phutawan: Natural and organic skincare & wellness products

– Brothers Pharmacy: Medicines, cosmetic products, dietary supplements, and herbs


Experience the all-new food destination “Platinum Food Floor MORE a MEAL,” complete with a full range of popular restaurants that will serve as magnets and cater to the lifestyles of shoppers, entertainment seekers, and food enthusiasts alike, now open on the 6th Floor of Platinum Mall. For updates on stores and latest promotions, please visit Facebook page: PlatinumFashionMall.