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Create your own stunning WFH style with inspirations from these Fashion Influencers’ lockdown outfits.

14 July 2021

Style Out The Lock Down
- Create your own stunning WFH style with
inspirations from these Fashion Influencers' lockdown outfits.

To fashionista who never miss a trend and can't keep their thumb off the "add to cart"button,
Let's get dressed and stay fabulously ready for the WFH meeting.

Drop your stay home scruffy outfit and get inspired by these lockdown fashion ideas.
Fresh fashion will spark up your happiness and get you ready to take on the world!

1. Faye of Faye Fang Kaew and her exquisite stay-at-home fashion look.

With her beautiful classy feminine style, the 90s teen idol became a fashion inspiration.

Photo Credit: fayefayeye


Beautiful and comfortable linen apparel
from Bonita Original Shop

2. Fah Sarika and her effortless stylish look.
Fah Started off as a beauty blogger, but she quickly came to fame as a fashion influencer
because of her sophisticated and chic style.
She will inspire you with her creative mix-and-match ideas, allowing you to  find your own personal styles.

 Photo Credit: fahsarika


Pleated outfits that allow you to create either a monochrome look or a unique style by mixing and matching colours. 

3. Van Malinee, a generation Z fashionista who dresses with tagline "Color never dies"
She picks vivid and colourful clothes to create a flawless everyday looks.


A pajama inspired outfit that you may wear to work, to chill out, or at home.

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