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“ Saranya by Cindy” Shop Empowering SMEs by The Platinum Fashion Mall
Q : Please, introduce yourself and what does your product do?

A : Hi, I’m Salaluk Ratanawan or Cindy, the owner of Saranya by Cindy
The products of Saranya by Cindy are cotton dresses in Bohemian and European-Latin styles. Our other products are mostly trousers, skirts, and dresses.

Q : what is the feature of products ?

A : The feature of Saranya by Cindy is our products are 100 % Cotton fabric. Mostly, it is a foreigners’ favorite. With modern styles, sizes and lengths mostly for foreigners, sometimes they will order in big lots and do their own brand. We also accept made-to-order. The quality of our fabric is 100% Cotton, which is comfortable to wear. Therefore, foreigners favor this Thai product.

Q : What is your successful for done this business?

A : In order to run a successful business, we need to think about who the product is for. We need to understand the customers and pay attention to them in all aspects to see what they need. Find your own identity. With your own identity together with the needs of customer, it can go well.

Business motto
“Customer smiles are our inspiration” Making our customers most profitable is making new work happen.

Address : 222/041 Soi 5, Zone 1, B Fl.