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“Carisa" Shop Empowering SMEs by The Platinum Fashion Mall

Q : Please, introduce yourself and what does your product do?

A : Hello, my name is Jatupoom Ophatsodsai. My nickname is Bo from Carisa. In Carisa, we sell women’s fashionable products, including Thai traditional dresses. The women’s fashionable dress is Dress Jumpsuit. Thai traditional dresses are Chitlada Style and Rama VI style, which are popular nowadays.

Q : what is the feature of products ?

A : The important features of products at Carisa are the patterns and the beautifully designed shapes. The majority of customers come back and compliment that our store uses good raw materials, good fabric, and good sewing craftsmanship, no matter if it’s the stitches, buttons, or zippers. Moreover, our design is modern, appropriate for the present times, for working women and women who want a dress for parties.

Q : What is your successful for done this business?

A : Making a business successful consists of many things. We need a good team, a good system, good coordination between the front employees and the back employees whether it is understanding the needs of customers or talking with our designers. Moreover, keeping up with fashion is an important part in doing the clothing business. We need to understand the development of fashion of modern times. If we can’t keep up with fashion, we won’t be able to sell our products in time with the needs of customers today.

Business motto
“Sincerity comes first” No matter what we do, we need to be sincere to ourselves and others, including when we do business with customers at all times.

Address : 222/211 A Soi 5, Zone 2, 1 Fl.
Tel : 09-5392-2324