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Q : Please, introduce yourself and what does your product do?

A : Hi, I’m Rungroj Ariyadirek or Yong. I’m the brand manager of Noproblem est. 1988. The products of Noproblem est. 1988
comprise of round-necked shirts, polo shirts, and other lifestyle clothes such as shirts and shorts. We also offer a variety of
sizes for our customers, which range from M to 4 XL.

Q : what is the feature of products ?

A : Our products are of high quality, since we are the manufacturer ourselves. All of our raw materials have been meticulously selected,
so our quality control is somewhat 100%. Another feature is that we offer a variety of products in terms of size and color.
Our product sizes range from medium to 4 XL for plus-size customers.

Q : What is your successful for done this business?

A : Our keys to business’ success are the sincerity and the continuous development. We continually develop our products as well as the distribution channels.
As of present, we have our own website and mobile application, where customers can easily search and view our products. In other words, the development
and sincerity are the unique features that keep our customers interested and wanted to follow us all the time.

Q : What is advices on the Path to Business’ Success ?

A : The advice for those who want to start a business is that it should begin from the passion and the determination to do it. After that,
it requires a lot of commitment. Success does not come overnight, it requires a lot of effort –sometimes, even more than 100% of the effort.

Business Motto
“Be sufficient at the level of sufficiency” everyone wants a lot of profit but it is important to know where to stop, in order for both us and our customers to be happy.

Address : Noproblem 222/537 Soi 7, 2 Zone, 2 Fl. Tel. 02-121-8556 , 080-306-7029