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Not Old but Stunning!! Matching Idea for the tidy but very stylish work clothes

Those office ladies who like to wear Smart Casual Dress to work but do not know where to start and what to mix and match,
just calm down and watch the shops that we have selected for you. You are the right place to find the dress that helps
you look expensive, enhance your working personality but still in the tone. As not to waste more times, let’s begin.

1. Starting from the first shop that matches the lady who likes to add on and create a trend in her dressing, TARA shop
has the stylish a crop top where you can put a shawl on top. You will look like you just walk out of the magazine by this look.

Location : TARA, Zone 2, Soi Nathan 4, 3rd Floor. Tel. 099-424-4640

Line ID: nataratara

2. Ladies who have to go out but cannot decide the dress, I recommend the chic and comfortable dress which can bring all
eyes on your expensive look. Those who want this good-looking appearance must visit Priscilla Queen because
there are many designs for you to choose from.

Location: Priscilla Queen, Zone 2, Soi Nathan 4, 3rd Floor.


3. Those who like Japanese or Korean styles, don’t miss the nifty mini skirt, mix with the crop top or the smooth color
long-sleeved t-shirt to show your sweetness but flexible. It is also suitable with our climate. With your best
high-heel on, you will look fabulous. Think about cool mini skirt, think about
Barbie Girl shop.

Location: Barbie Girl, Soi Oxford C, 2nd Floor and Soi Nathan 9, 3rd Floor.

Tel 092-924-1514

4. Still in the Korean style with SABARA shop, the import fashionable t-shirt from Korea that the ladies must have
because of the light fabric with pearls, ribbon, and face. There are both bell sleeve and cylinder sleeve to mix
with trousers and skirts for many occasions.

Location : SABARA, Zone 3, Soi Oxford B, 2nd Floor.

Tel. 087-819-4544

5. Ladies who want both work clothes and go for dinner look must visit FABU. The must-have dress with design and tailor-made,
including jump suits, skirts, trousers in both short and long, or a fit crop top robe with the sweet colors that can make you look younger.

Location: FABU, Zone 2, 3rd Floor. Tel. 086-566-3944, 089-892-9295.

Line : FABU