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"FORE" Shop Empowering SMEs by The Platinum Fashion Mall

Q : Please, introduce yourself and what does your product do?

A : Hi, I’m Song Praphan, the owner of Fore Shop. We offer ready-to-wear clothes for women that range from t-shirts, shirts, tube tops, skirts, trousers,
and jackets. In addition, we also sell ready-to-wear clothes for men, including t-shirts, shirts, shorts, and trousers. Basically, Fore Shop offers all types of clothing.

Q : what is the feature of products ?

A : The unique feature of Fore products is the color tone that we use, which is mostly black and white. In addition, we have meticulously selected high quality fabrics,
along with the design and sewing techniques that are under our concept of “Simple Modern Chic at the good value”.

Q : What is the starting point of doing business?

A : We are a group of friends who love fashion and dressing up, and we have gathered together for quite a long time already. We all have the same idea that
everyone in this modern society wants to dress well but does not want to pay a high price. Therefore, we started off by tailoring women’s clothes.
Our main target is the working-age women who work hard and play hard.

Q : What is your successful for done this business?

A : Our key to success is that we emphasize on maintaining the quality of raw materials, fabrics, and sewing techniques. In addition, we also retain our
concept of designing clothes that are unique to Fore Shop. We have gained trust from customers that consequently leads to the business’ success,
enabling us to continue our business at The Platinum Fashion Mall until now.

Business Motto

“Be attentive to all details for maximum satisfaction of customers” Maintain the quality of raw materials, fabrics, and sewing techniques,
while retain the unique design under the concept of “Simple Modern Chic at the good value”.

Address : FORE 222/163 Soi 8, Zone 2, B Fl.
Facebook :