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"Sugar Bunny" Shop The Platinum Empowering SMEs by The PlatinumFashion Mall

Q : Please, introduce yourself and what does your product do?

A : Hi, my name is Arthida Tosuwan or Aer. I am the owner of Sugar Bunny store, which sells women’s fashion clothing.Sugar Bunny offers women’s clothing,
which included dresses, work wear, blouses, trousers, jumpsuits, pants, and shorts. For summer, we also offer mini dress for events or parties.

Q : what is the feature of products ?

A : The products at Sugar Bunny store are different from other stores because we create our own designs and tailor them. Our quality is in reverse of the price,
since we offer high quality products at an affordable price for customers or even retailers, who make good profits from our products. In addition, we have QC process to identify
possible defects. Our products are also eligible for returns in case of any issues. Sugar Bunny products are suitable for working women with a purchasing power on work wear.
Most of our products are fashionable, yet not too revealing and can be worn to work. Hence, many of our customers are women in the working age who are chic, fashionable,
and love to dress up.

Q : What is your successful for done this business?

A : In terms of Sugar Bunny, the key to success is our sincerity towards customers. We perceive ourselves as customers –whatever they want, we will provide for them.
Customers want high quality products, so we provide high quality products. Customers want affordable products, so we offer products at an affordable price.
We will not sell expensive products with low quality.

Business Motto

“High quality products need not be expensive.” Maintain the standard of quality at a market price. Build customers’ confidence that high quality products do not necessarily have high prices.

Address : Sugar Bunny 222/440 A Soi 2, 2 Zone, 2 Fl.