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“Priscilla Queen” Shop The Platinum Empowering SMEs by The Platinum Fashion Mall

Q: Please introduce yourself and your products?

A : Hi, my name is Thammawat Terdpadungchai or Tah. I am the owner of Priscilla Queen store. Priscilla Queen store offers boutique-style work wear, including shorts,
long-sleeved shirts, and tank tops, which are not too colorful and can be worn to work on a daily basis.

Q : what is the feature of products ?

A : Priscilla Queen features elastic fabrics that are made with cotton spandex. Each product has a different fabric weave. We emphasize on using a special weaving
technique to create modern textures. The linings are made with silk spandex that provides elasticity, as well as comfort and cooling effect while wearing.
We use a special blind hem technique to ensure neat and high quality work.

Q : How do you starting this business?

A : Priscilla Queen has a key to success, which is the emphasis on high quality fabrics. We meticulously select the quality of fabrics with different textures and
elasticity in order to ensure a comfortable wear. The fact that we select high quality fabrics make the quality of products higher than the price. When customers
wear them, they are satisfied with our products in terms of the comfortable daily wear.

Business Motto

“Attentive to all details. Put the best effort into work.” Attentive to every small detail to produce to best, appealing, and practical products.

Address : Priscilla Queen 222/850 Soi 4, 2 Zone, 3 Fl.