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"MARADA" Empowering SMEs by The Platinum Fashion Mall

Q : Please, introduce yourself ?

A : My name is Bodin Siralertmukul or Moo. I am a team member from Marada store.

Q : What is product recommendations and product features ?

A : Here we sell resort wear clothing which is comfortable to wear. Our clothes are unique, they have been manufactured by several manufacturers using
various techniques such as bleaching technique, laser technique, and dust technique. Our products cannot be copied even by the most professional copycat country.

Q : How do you starting this business?

A : We were professionals working for and among top-ranking brands that exported their products to London. However, we wanted to help local communities produce products
at more affordable prices. That was the beginning of Marada Brand.

Q : What is the key success of doing business ?

A : Work with your heart and always look for new techniques. Create products that tell who you are and never stop improving.

Q : What is your motto of doing business ?

A : “ you reap what you sow ”,“ you are what you think ”, “ the more you give, the more you get ”. Counterfeiting will always remain a problem. New product development is,
therefore, a key to business success. Never give up and learn from these challenges and strive to be better.

Address : MARADA 222/1395/2-43 soi B, zone 3, 2 Fl.