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"Ramsita" The Empowering SMEs by The Platinum Fashion Mall

Q : Please, introduce yourself and what does your product do?

A : Hello, my name is Thanapat Kongsombatsirior Tong. I am the owner of Ramsita which has operated for over 10 years.Main products of Ramsita are Jumpsuits,
Maxi Dresses,and short dresses. Our design concept is “elegance, luxurious and expensive look” which also looks modern. They are suitable for different occasions,
whether for a formal event or for your daily work.

Q : what is the feature of products ?

A : We design all of our products ourselves. They are manufactured by our own factory in Thailand. We custom make products as required by customers,
but never forget to put our own ideas so that our clothes remain unique and outstanding.

Q : How do you starting this business?

A : I have been familiar with clothing industry since I was young, as my mother ran clothing business. As my mother got older and there was no one to inherit the business,
it was closed down while I was in university. After graduation, I spent 6-7 years working in office. Then I started thinking about doing a business of my own.
It was then that what my mother had taught me and my experience in clothing industry became useful for starting this business, and I believe that
they are essential elements that have contributed to my success today.

Q : Can you recommend for those who are thinking about starting a business?

A : To start a business, at least you either need passion for or knowledge about what you are to do. To succeed, you will need both.

Q : What is your motto of doing business ?

A : “Quality products that respond to customer demand, elegant and modern design” We produce only high-quality and creative products. We never stop developing our products.
The combination of modernity and uniqueness has made our products special and help us respond better to the needs of customers.

Adderss :
Address : 222/154 soi 4, zone 2, B Fl.