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“Unize”Empowering SMEs by The Platinum Fashion Mall

Q: Please, introduce yourself and what does your product do?

A : I am Saliltip Watsuksanti or Ann. I am the owner of UNIZEP - the sportswear brand for men and women. Female sportswear contributes 80% of our products. So, the rest of the 20% belongs to male sportswear. Our female sportswear is divided into sports cover, camisole, sport bras and shorts (Size 3/4, 7/8). Our male sportswear is divided into pants and sport shirts (with and without sleeves) for running.

Q : What is the starting point of doing business ?

A : Previously, my family ran a female clothes business. Four years ago, the competition in the female clothes market became fierce. I consulted with my younger brother to pursue a business that followed my interests. I loved sports and was in the clothes business so I combined them together. Moreover, there were not too many Thai sportswear companies 4 years ago. I saw room for growth of my brand in the business.

Q : What are the outstanding features of your product?

A : The outstanding features of UNIZEP are quality and design. We have a designer team to oversee the shape and color of the collections. We adopt the technology and select raw materials for the good quality of our products. The fabric of the sportswear is different from ordinary clothes to fulfill its sport functions such as flexibility, air circulation and muscle support. We use the technology in sewing to reduce the friction on the skin.

Q : What is your motto of doing business?

A : A strong team will drive the brand to success.

Addredd : 222/311 Soi 3, Zone 2, 1 FL.