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The Platinum Empowering SMEs Project

The Platinum Fashion Mall Background

The Platinum Fashion Mall Fashion Wholesale Project officially opened on 26 November 2005. Originally, the mall was a center of fashion clothes and jewelry stores from SMEs with quality production and design at affordable prices. The products were sold at a wholesale price so buyers could make a profit from re-selling and sustain their business.The Platinum Fashion Mall has been accepted by Thai and foreign partners that continuously buy wholesale and retail fashion products and has gained more popularity among wholesale and retail customers as well as local and foreign travelers.
The Platinum Empowering SMEs Project Background
The Platinum Fashion Mall started The Platinum Empowering SMEs Project in May 2016 and opened 20 pilot stores on 17 August. Now there are 100 participating stores in the project which collaborates with store owners in the mall to promote product brands. The mall and the participating stores have a common goal to become The Best Wholesale Fashion HUB of ASEAN.


To enable Thai SME entrepreneurs to build brands, stay competitive, increase sales, and sustain growth in local and international fashion markets and build a good role model for development of Thai SME products.
To promote Thai fashion brands in international markets as fashion products of quality and unique design with a weekly trendy update at reasonable prices.
To facilitate the access to information about trendy and quality fashion stores selected by the project for wholesale and retail fashion business owners.
To Co-develop Thailand’s Pratunam business area as an important tourist attraction, recreation center, and shopping center in ASEAN to maximize income from travel and shopping in Thailand
To enhance The Platinum Fashion Mall’s brand image as The Best Wholesale Fashion HUB of ASEAN, No. 1 ASEAN wholesale fashion center.

Current project operation details

The project has selected 5 prototype entrepreneurs with success in building their brands popular in local and international wholesale and retail markets. To promote the start of this project and set a good example for those interested in wholesale fashion business, these 5 entrepreneurs will have new ideas, eagerness to learn and understanding of their own customers and be able to respond to changing customer needs and behaviors.

Selecting criteria for the project’s participating stores
  1. Have its own brand and products
  2. Unique products designed and produced by the store mainly using local raw materials and labor in Thailand
  3. No violation of copyrights
  4. Have ideas for continuous product development in many aspects including store display as well as marketing and public relations
  5. Give priority to attend training sessions for business development organized by the project
  6. Willing to share product development approach with new participating entrepreneurs to contribute to The Platinum Empowering SMEs project’s success

List of 5 prototype stores

1. Khun Rattikan Iamchan “Classic Accessories” store owner Women’s jewelry
Design and produce women’s jewelry with various designs, e.g. necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets, brooches, and hairpins. They are made of various types of materials including crystal, metal, coated metal, shells, grains, coconuts. Simple design, elegant design, or handmade products are available. The target customers are ASEAN, European and Thai customers.The starting point and product development idea is “Starting from what you like is not enough. You need to make things happen. You need a strong desire for success and determination to achieve your goal to make your business internationally recognized.”

2. Khun Thanjira Sukonthakorn “MODEL Kids” store owner Children’s clothing with tails.

With her partner, Khun Kritsanapong Sukonthakorn (husband), they co-design and sell children’s clothes with tails for imagination. The clothes come with cute animal prints and outstanding tails attached. Japanese style clothes, e.g. Jinbei, Yukata are also available. The target customers are 6 months – 6 years old children. The products are made of fine fabric and affordable. The starting point is “Thanks to our interest in arts and our son, we came up with an idea to produce clothes suitable for boys which was further developed into children’s clothes with tails for imagination. This brand’s product development concept is setting your own goal and using your creativity to start and then grow your business with product development ideas to get your products recognized.”

3. Khun Chanurak Sae Yang “V Shanel” store owner Denim style clothing for teenagers

Partnering with Khun Chatri Horthong, they co-manage the business to design and sell denim products, e.g. short and long denim bibs, denim jackets, jeans, and baseball tees. The main strategy to manage the product brand is 4P: Price, Place, Product, Promotion specially offered to every customer. Sincere service for customers is important. The business concept is “Be determined, learn what you are interested in and develop yourself continuously.

4. Khun Bundit Patcharathamaroj “96 Studio” store owner Casual style men’s clothing
The store designs and sells casual style men’s clothing including t-shirts, shirts, jeans as well as accessories, e.g. belts. All products are manufacturers by Thai people. Inherited from his parents, his business principle is honesty, diligence, tolerance, and most importantly, integrity, which are transferred to customers, partners and employees. The store’s business concept for this era is “Because of copycat products, we should be different and unique.

5. Khun Maneerat Samutpatanapong “SHIRTFOLDING” store owner Modern style men’s
Clothing and his partner, Khun Wattanun Chawintanyawat, Khun Raiwin Chawintanyawat, Khun Paphonpat Chawintanyawat are team member.The store designs and sells a variety of modern style men’s clothing including short and long sleeve shirts with collar or Chinese
collar, short and long pants, jogger pants, and short and long sweatpants to meet different customer needs. The business strategy is 4P. The first P is Product. The product should have a good variety to meet all customer needs. The second P is Price. The price should be reasonable. The third P is Place. A good location is half the battle. A good product with no customers means we cannot sell our product. Opening a store at The Platinum Fashion Mall helps expand the Thai and foreign customer base for both wholesale and retail. Importantly, the fourth P is Partnership. A good partner helps with thinking, doing, and solving problems. Working in a team is important for wining over competitors. The business concept is “Start your business from love and attention. Dare to make a decision and do it.”

Offers for participating stores
1. Design and production of store promoting poster design posted by the mall’s passenger lifts.
2. Design and space of product introduction display in the mall.
3. Bilingual (Thai-English) store promoting VDO broadcasted on internal TVs covering all zones in the mall. The VDO will presented to potential wholesale and retail business partners and foreign travelers, starting from the ASEAN region.
4. Promoting store through the mall’s online and social media, e.g. Website, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.
5. Store promoting leaflets distributed to travel agencies, guides, and both Thai and foreign visitors.
6. Organizing seminars that are useful for stores, e.g. online and offline business development, service, and English, supporting business expansion by inviting financial institutes to provide financial transaction knowledge, and encouraging the stores to enable credit card payment to provide convenience for customers, etc.
7. Keeping updated with useful news for product development, selling techniques, building customer base, Business matching, etc.
8. Other benefits: The project is developing programs and selecting interesting activities suitable for store owners