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Nowadays, it’s not only the women who love fashion—men love it too
Today admin would like to present “10 shops for smart, gorgeous looking guys!! that will stun all the girls”

1. The first shop is called Shirtfolding which mainly sells slim fit shirts in various colors and styles designed and manufactured by the shop owner.
It also has long trousers, shorts, suits, jackets and belts. All products are so attractive for guys that the shop has 3 branches at Platinum.
Retail prices start from 200 Baht only and even cheaper for wholesale.

Location: 222/991 SoiCamden 2, Zone 2, 4th Floor, 222/1179 Soi Camden 4,Zone 2, 4th Floor
Follow them onFacebook: shirtfolding orInstargram: @Shirtfolding

2. Simply look smart in polo shirts with OASIS, established in 1982. The shop mainly sells easy-wear yet smart men clothes.
These days,OASIS offers various kinds of products including T-shirts, shirts, jeans, trousers, cargo pants,leather shoes, belts, leather bags and accessories.
The shop has more than 20 years of experience and more than 300 professional manufacturers,
who are attentive to every detail from raw material selection to the manufacturing process, based on the concept of “making perfect polo shirts for all customers”.

Location: 222/560A SoiOxford 8, Zone 1, 2nd Floor, 222/559 SoiOxford 8, Zone 2nd Floor.
Follow them on Facebook: Oasis1982

3. Come to the tailor suit shop, Boy Playground. The shop features men’s shirts and suits in various quality
textures and modern styles with quality cutting and affordable prices. The shop began when the owner was inspired to design unique tailored suits.
Now, it’s become a popular brand known for its modern and smart looking suits for reasonable prices.
When it comes to a smart jacket or suit, Boy Playground is your choice.

Location: 222/970 Soi Camden 6, Zone 1, 4th Floor, 222/939 Soi Camden 6, Zone 1,4th Floor, Tel. 092-8956645
Follow them on Facebook: boy playground orID Line : boysuga

4. GRAY SCALE presents plain color T-shirts with graphic patterns and cartoon characters,
perfectly matching either jeans or shorts for chill-out trips. All comfy, soft-touch T-shirts are available at affordable prices.

Location: 222/1147 SoiCamden 14, Zone 1, 4th Floor
Follow them on Facebook: Grayscale Clothing

5. Where's Heaven features chic embroidery works that tell joyful stories and make plain color T-shirts more remarkable.
Available in both short and long sleeves for all men. Prices start from 300 Baht. Let’s shop.

Location:222/1009 Soi7, 4th Floor Tel: 08-6820-9534 / 08-2083-5335
Follow them on Facebook : darklight sadudta orIG: darllightclothing

6. CLIFF is outstanding with unique fabric patterns and colors and perfect designs for T-shirts, trousers, carryalls and shorts.
They suit all men who love to collect unique fashion items. All clothes are comfy to wear and match your beach trips this summer.

Location:222/1221 SoiCamden 10, Zone 1, 4th Floor

7. Next is Loop, which suits those who don’t prefer colorful clothes. Loop features good-quality cotton clothes imported from USA,
focusing on soft pastel colors with screen prints on the chest. All shirts can be worn any time and match all of your trousers.

Location: 222/1395/2-68, Soi Oxford C, Zone 3, 2nd Floor
Follow them on Facebook: loopapparel, Instargram: loop.appreal, ID Line: loopapparel

8. Jack Russell gathers all jeans, chino trousers that suit Thailand’s weather, available in straight fit, slim fit, shorts and long styles of all sizes and shapes.
Recommended and must-have colors are beige and olive green that you can wear as often as you want.

Location: 222/949, SoiCamden 11, Zone 1, 4th Floor, 222/990, Soi Camden 2 Zone 2, 4th Floor
Follow them on Facebook: Jack Russel

9. Next I am Those who love One Piece characters like Luffy, great swordsman Zoro or skilled sniper Usopp must visit this shop
because apart from clothes, you can get hats and characters to complete your collection.
Visit this shop andreturn to your childhood.

Location: 222/1224, SoiCamden 10 Zone 2, 4th Floor

10. Wayama This shop focuses on a smart and casual look that stuns all the girls.
It features easy, soft clothes available in both short and long sleeves for either outdoor activities or beach trips.
Just pay 200 Baht for an appealing look. Wayama welcomes big orders and tailor made orders.

Location: 222/1099 Soi Camden 8, Zone 2, 4th Floor
Follow them onID Line : SAWANYASHOP