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"MMM" Empowering SMEs by The Platinum Fashion Mall

Q : Q: Please introduce yourself and your products?

A : I am Tanya Arayataweegool or Meen. I am Areeya Arayataweegool or Milk. My name is I-Sawan Arayataweegool or May. We are the owners of the brand “MMM”. Our brand offerswomen’s shoes of various designs, sizes and heel-heights; for example, we have kid’s shoes in sizes 25 – 45. We respond to the demands of office girls by offering products different from other entrepreneurs in the market. The materialsof our shoes are especially soft. We have low-heel, high-heel, iron-shaped heel, or glass-stem heel designs. As for our sandals, we have 100% rubber sandals made in Thailand. Lastly, we offer cute slippers with tiny dolls to wear in the house.

Q: What is the difference of MMM compared to other shops?

A: Another outstanding character of MMM is our service. We start from asking the customers about their purpose. What event are the shoes for? How does the dress look? What is its color? Then, we help them choose the right shoes. Mainly we choose shoes that can match many dresses, so that they can use the same shoes for both morning and night events, and maybe on daily working days at the office. This is why customers always come back to our shop.

Q: How is the shops location important?

A: Initially, we focused on Pratunam district. At that time, my mom was interested in The Platinum Fashion Mall which was newly opened. We rented a unit in The Platinum Fashion Mall, ever since it first opened.At that time, there were few customers. But after a while, the mall attracted more customers, and now it’s become a tourist attraction. We chose the location based on the number of people passing by and their character. Our shop is located on the corner, which is a good location since the shop is open for customers on both its front and sides, so customers can see almost all of our products on display for their selection.

Q: What is your business slogan?

A: “Good quality product, unique design and honest service are our standard”

Address : 5-44 soi C, zone 3, 5 Fl.