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“DeBerry” Empowering SMEs by The Platinum Fashion Mall

Q: Please introduce yourself and your products?

A: I am Panipak Wattanodomor Nui. I am Somjade Wattanodom or Jet. We are the owners of the brand “De Berry”.
De Berry is a girls clothes brand. For example, skirts, dresses, fluffy blouses, vintage skirts, jackets, jumpers, and accessories such as hats,
glasses, shoes, necklaces, hair bands, hair clips and ribbons.

Q: How do you start this business?

A: My dad was a cloth manufacturer for export at Bo Bae Market. I am the second generation. Aside from manufacturing, I do the marketing. This was the starting point of De Berry.

Q: What is the secret formula of success?

A: Our business philosophy is based on sufficient economy. Regarding our business operation, we work for the sustainability of the entrepreneur, organization and employees. We convey our work philosophy to all staff with consideration for their living and thinking. We want them to be able to afford their lifestyle. Our staff have a family-like bond. We do not focus on high profit. Rather, we focus on the happiness from working as a team. This is our main idea, We arrange for weekly meditation, since meditation leads to insightful thought and analysis which contribute todaily work and life.

Q : Business Motto

A : Business based on the satisfaction of our staff can definitely go smoothly. We give priority to employee satisfactionin all departments and levels to encourage them to work for the organization’s sustainable efficiency and effectiveness.

Address : 222/1299/2 Soi 4, Zone 1, 5 Fl. 222/1395/1-11 Soi 3, Zone 3, 1 FL.