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"FABU" Empowering SMEs by The Platinum Fashion Mall
Q: Please, introduce yourself and what does your product do?

A : My name is Wilasinee Kiatbanlue, my nickname is Bee, the owner of “Fabu” shop. Our products have a short dresses, a long dresses and jumpsuits which are available in severalcolors, mainly pastel
colors. Our products are made with Cotton Twill fabric which is easy to wear and does not need ironing.

Q : What is the starting point of doing business ?

A : I am starting doing business with problem.The problems of all of our customers was the beginning of my business. Many customers have different problems related to wearing clothes.For this reason,
we began to consider things carefully and then designed beautiful and easy-to-wear dresses

Q :What is the key success of doing business?

A : My secret recipe is honesty, providing good service and creation of good work for all customers. All of these factors have made me become successful until today

Q : What is your motto of doing business?

A : When we do what we love, love will lead to creation of good and quality work as good and quality products and services delivered into the hands of loved ones who are all of our customers.”

Address : 222/672 zone 2 near escalator, 3 Fl.