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"ThongYoy" Empowering SMEs by The Platinum Fashion Mall

Q : Please, introduce yourself and what does your product do?

A : Hello, My name is Thongyoy Paresuwan, my nickname is Beam. I am the owner of “Thongyoy Shop”
Our distributed fashionable ladies’ clothing , which are designed and manufactured by Thai people. The characteristic of our products is a long casual dresses comfortable. By the way, our products are designed with various notable
prints on texture according to the season. Such as floral prints, graphic prints, plain prints or plain color printsand sometime it is depends on the season.

Q : What is the Starting point of doing business?

A : Business started when I took dressmaking class and that trail to cut 2 shirts and tried to sell them through my friend’s shop at SIAM. It was sold out. I decided to start doing this business.
Than looked around a shop location and choosing The Platinum Fashion Mall for open the shop.

Q: What is your motto of doing business?

A : “We must be skillful and good. It meaning we must be skillful in what we are doing no matter what collections. We must do our best to make it. Even though makeshort dresses. Good meaning the products must be had a good quality.
Finally, we have service-minded, sincerity and morality to run business”.

Address : 222/1395/1-32 A zone 3, soi c, 1 Fl.