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"GUSTO" Empowering SMEs by The Platinum Fashion Mall

Q : Please, introduce yourself and what does your product do?
A : Hello, My name is Chanutcha Atikomthanachai but call me Wan. I am a manufacturer and distributor of bags. The brandcalled “Gusto”are specifically made for ladies who do multiple activities.We have
different kinds of productssuch asstationery bags, cosmetic bags, coin purse bags, suitcases and other equipment.We can keep the things neatly. Which meticulously sewn and uniquely designed,
Make our product has order for export to the worldwide right now.

Q : Can you recommendations for doing business and How is the shop location important?

A : Importantly, the products must be of good quality, which is a result of care by the business operator.Firstly, The Business operatorsshould begin with something based on their own. If we find our
aptitude, we need to make a good quality of products. Choosing a location is a second important factor. For growing SMEs, if we are not found a good locations. We are without a good shop, Our
businesses can only grow gradually instead of experiencing rapid growth. If we have a good location our products will surely be seen by the target customer which makes it easier for us to export
products globally.

Q : What is your motto doing of business?
A : “To take a great step, products must be of good quality with the right distributing location”. SMEs store location are the main factorsin movingand expandingthe business forward,as well
aslaunchingproducts to aninternational”.

Address : 222 near entrance door zone 2, 1 Fl. , 222/1284/2 zone 2, soi 2, 5 Fl.