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"V Shanel" Empowering SMEs by The Platinum Fashion Mall

Q: Please, introduce yourself?

A: My name is Muay, Chanurak Sae-Yang and Ou, Chatri Hortong.

Q: Where are you from and what does your product do?

A: We are the owners of “V Shanel” Our products are jeans, denim bibs, denim jackets, short bibs, denim pants, baseball jackets and shorts.

Q: What is your successful for done this business?

A: The secret recipe to our success is our sincere service tocustomers aswell as making our customers impressedwith our service so that they may return and purchase our products.

Q: What is your approach strategy for business?

A: The main strategy that we use is 4P which consists of Price, Place, Product and Promotion that we provide to customers.

Q: What is your Business Motto?

A: Our motto of doing business is, “Having determination, studyingwell what we’reinterestin and continuous development of ourselves. When we see people wearing our products, we will be proud of it.”

Address : 222/292A Fl.1 Soi 7 Zone 2