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"Model Kids"Empowering SMEs by The Platinum Fashion Mall

Q: Please, introduce yourself and what does your product do?

A: My name is Bee, Thanjira Sukontakorn and my name is Kok, Krisanapong Sukontakorn
We are the owners of a children’s clothingshop under the brand “Modelkids”. We sell children’s clothes which promote the creation of imagination, such as adorable animals prints clothes. Our signature product is animal tail clothing.

Q: Why do you start this business?

A: The starting point of doing business. We have a son and my husband loves arts and I love trading. So we decided to do business related to clothing suitable for boys. Starting from this idea, the animal tail clothing idea was created.

Q: How do you develop your product?

A: For guidelines on product development, as our work is related to children’s clothing,which is themain idea, we have our products screened with different kinds of prints in order to promote the creation of imagination for children, which has receiveda positive response and we also have Japanese costumes such as Jinbei and Yukata. It can be said that our products are aimed at children of various ages, ranging from 6 months to 6 years which are sold at reasonable prices.

Q: What is your Business Motto?

A: Our motto of doing business is, “Looking for our goal and using creative ideas to produce and develop our business by using ideas to develop products that will be recognized by people.”

Address : 222/786 Fl. 3 Soi 3 Zone 2