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"Shirtfolding" The Platinum Empowering SMEs by The Platinum Fashion Mall

Q: Please, introduce yourself?

A: My name is Benz, Boat, Gloy and Book.

Q: Where are you from and what does your product do?

A: We are from Shirtfolding. Shirtfolding hasshort sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts both mandarin collar shirts and basic shirts, shorts, trousers, jogger pants, sweatpants,and short sweatpants available for customers to pick up according to their needs.

Q: Do you think , How is the shop location important?

A: We are highly aware of the importance of choosing a good location to distribute our products
because even if we manufacture ourproducts with good quality, our products will not sell if we have no customers.Most of our customers are Thai but our brand isalso widely known to foreign customers these days in terms of both retailing and wholesaling. The main factor that has made our brand become more and more well-known is our store location which is located at Platinum Fashion Mall. Having a good location is half the battle.

Q: What is your approach strategy for business?

A: For strategies in doing business, we use 4P. The first P is “Product”. Products must be diversified to meet the different needs of customers. The second P is “Price”. The price should be determined reasonably, sincerely and in a manner that will not exploit the customers. The third P is “Place”. As earlier mentioned, having a good location is half the battle
The fourth P is “Partnership”. Having a good partnership is like having a friend to help solve problems.Teamwork is also one of the main factors that make us win against our competitors

A: What is your Business Motto?

Q: Our motto of doing business is “Start doing business with love and care.Dare to make a decision and do it.”

Address : 222/991 Fl.4 Zone 2 Soi 2 , 222/1114 Fl.4 Zone 2 Soi 4 , 222/1179 Fl.4 Zone 2 Soi 4