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"Classic Accessories" The Platinum Empowering SMEs by The Platinum Fashion Mall

Q: Please, introduce yourself and what does your product do?

A: My name is Rattikarn Aiamjan, my nick name is Not. I am the owner of “Classic Accessories” shop. Our products in the shop comprise necklaces with pendantswhich are simply elegant and suitable for all types of customers. We also have numerous crystal earrings which meet all types of customer needs. In addition, we have handmade raw materials made from coconut shell woods, rocks, resins and plant seeds. We also have two types of necklaces with earrings, namelynecklaces with crystal earrings and necklaces with enamel, metallic or metal earrings. We also have brooches in several designs with crystal or metallic or plastic or metal clips which are popular among ASEAN, European and Thai customers.

Q :What is the starting point of doing business?

A : Classic Accessories brand or my own brand started with the word “like”but “like” is not enough. We must reach the point of “Make Things Happen”. “Make Things Happen” means having a strong desire to become successful in what we wish to do.The second thing is methods that lead to success. The final and inevitable thing is we have to make it without giving up, and be determined in developing to make things happen.

Q: What is your business motto?

A: Our motto of doing business is, “In addition to loving what we do, we must also be determined in the development of our products and business in order to become internationally accepted.”

Address : 1395/1-57 Fl.1 Zone 3 Soi D, 832,881 Fl. 3 Zone 1, 1305-1306 Fl.5 Zone 2 Soi 4