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Snapshots of The Platinum Street Food Festival 2015
Mrs.Juthaporn Rerngronasa, Deputy Governor for International Marketing of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, presided over The Platinum Street Food Festival 2015 and together with VJ Natthaweeranut ‘Ja’ Thongmee introduced the the large Som Tam dish with 2-meter diameter as a highlight. The festival is aimed at highlighting traditional Thai cuisine and promoting tourism in Thailand. They were welcomed by Mr. Sirichai Praphanturaki, the deputy building manager at Platinum Fashion Mall and Mr. Theerawat WongWorrathat, the chairman of Thai Product Association. They jointly gave away free 1,000 plates of seafood Som Tam to visitors at The Platinum Street Area on June 23. At the festival, Thai savory and dessert dishes from over 50 famous restaurants in various well-known areas were served such as Sukhothai Noodle, 7 Types of Kanon Cheen with 7 Colors, jar-roasted chicken, famous Som Tam shop in Esan and herb salt-grilled fish etc. The event is held from June 20 to July 1 at The Platinum Street area, The Platinum Fashion Mall.