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Pride Month Fashion&Styles-Rainbow to go
Let's Say'Hi' to Pride Month, Wear confident looks

Colourful Fashion and styles to celebrate 'Pride' Month,
Adding up confidence to your everyday looks with vibrant colour Outfits
Be Chic and Confident as the way you are.

Various Rainbow design Sock
 Shop: Socks Space
Location: Room 1516/5 Soho 2 ,Zone 2 , 1st Floor

Colourful Short and Women sleeve less tops
Shop: Passtell
Location: Room 342 soho 8, 1st Floor

Blue T-shirt with cool design screen
Shop: Milanda Studio
Location:Room 480B , Soho 5, zone 2, 1st Floor

Colourful Tie-dye T-shirt
Shop: December's
Location: Room 352 soho 8 1st Floor