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Gender Neutral Fashion Trend

-called 'Androgynous' fashion Style.

Because fashion is not rigid and style is endless to explore,

We can see many people dressing against the norm nowadays.

Women styling men's items for a boyish look and men also adding 

a feminine touch to their looks.

Borderless and genderless fashion has become a trend that

can't be neglected. Fashion designers are stepping up to these challenges 

and roll out designs that fit all genders and characters.

Sneak a look at some of our favourite male fashion influencers
who mastered their mix-and-match skills and express their individuality through
an androgynous fashion styles.

1) Harry Styles, a British pop singer who made history on
the cover of US Vogue in December 2020. He wore a ballgown dress
, defining new fashion freedom and breaking the barriers styles.

2) Conan Gray, a Gen Z American-Japanese artist who expresses
His music, fashion and personal lifestyles against gendered expectations.
He normalised cross-dressing, showing freedom and
creativity from men to wear women's clothing, skirts or nail polish.


Credit Photos: Thenetline.com - An elite cafemedia lifestyle publisher


Credit Photos: YOUTUBE CHANNEL @conangrey

3. The Korean fashion daredevil G-Dragon
is the very first K-pop icon who break the rules of gender-oriented fashion
and introduced androgynous fashion to the K-pop world.

Credit Photos: www.soompi.com
Breaking K-pop and K-Drama News


4. James Teeradon Supapunpinyo, a Thai actor and singer
who made a breakthrough in fashion with his outstanding styles

Credit Photos: IG:Jamyjamess

5)Finally, Koen Pataradanai Setsuwan, a former member of the 90's boy band K-otic
from Kamikaze who has a unique fashion style,
strong standpoint in supporting LGBTQ+ communities,
and has become one of the most influential LGBTQ+ activist.

Credit Photos: IG:koendanai

Apart from adding women's fashion items to their look, We also noticed that the entertainment industry is embracing
these changes as it reflects in the characters and makeup styles of male actors, artists and other professions.
The line is becoming increasingly blurred between men's and women's fashion,
and freedom of styles is out there for you to explore

Update your fashion look with us, explore styles that have no gender, and dress up together 

to celebrate this Pride Month! 

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