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The Maj. Gen. Khunying Asanee Saovapap visited the jasmine selling booth at the Platinum Fashion Mall Shopping Center

At the Platinum Fashion Mall, the Maj. Gen. Khunying Asanee Saovapap, President of The National Council on Social Welfare of Thailand
and Assist. Prof. Dr. Vajiraya Buasri, the 1st Vice President, honored the jasmine selling booth with their visit on the occasion of National Mother’s Day.
They were welcomed by Mr. Chanchai Phansopha, Executive Director and President of the Platinum Group Public Co., Ltd.
The jasmine selling event was held on National Mother’s Day by the National Council on Social Welfare of Thailand, by which all incomes were proposed to Her Majesty Queen Sirikit
for her charity works and contribution to the United Way of Thailand (UWT)to help the needy, poor kids and underprivileged children around the country.
The event was held during 5–8 August 2016, at the Platinum Fashion Mall.