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Invitation to support occupations for the disabled by purchasing Dok Kawea Kanlaya flowers at the Platinum Fashion Mall.

The National Council on Social Welfare of Thailand, under Royal Patronage, is hosting an event to raise money
for the Dok Kawea Kanlanya Fund managed by the Council (NCSWT) to support the development of occupations for the disabled.
For sale in the event are memento Dok Kawea Kanlanya flowers. This flower was royally bestowed to symbolize the disabled.
This event is honored by Major General Khuying Asanee Saovapap, President of the National Council on Social Welfare of Thailand,
Assistant Proffessor Dr. Vajiraya Buasri, Vice President, and Mrs. Somthavil Boonyopasadham, Vice President.
They will be there to admire the booths selling the Dok Kawae Kanlaya flowers. Mr. Sirichai Prapanthurakij,
Assistant Managing Director of Building Management for the Platinum Fashion Mall, will be there to welcome the guest

at Zone 1, The Platinum Fashion Mall, on the 23-25 November 2015